*BGD* ~ BIG News!!!

/, Paragliding/*BGD* ~ BIG News!!!

*BGD* ~ BIG News!!!

This summer I had some very ambitious plans for developing a full XC paragliding experience for us in BC and area!

I also wanted to expand our brand to deal and supply the very best paragliding gear on the planet!

We already are the only lower mainland and Vancouver area authorized dealer for Niviuk, Supair, and Nervures however

I received a lot of feedback and interest from pilots interested in Bruce Goldsmith Design paragliders.

Part of those plans were to compete in the Chelan U.S. national championship comp and fly with some of the best  pilots

in the world.

The highly respected PWC and World champion and glider designer Bruce Goldsmith and one of his sons Tyr were also in the competition. I was noticing that they were the only ones flying their brand BGD out of 150 or so pilots. And they were crushing the field of serial class C wings and burning past many D and CCC wings.

So after one of the tasks I found myself in the retrieve van beside Bruce and we started chatting about the gliders we flew.

I was flying the raved about Niviuk Peak 4 and I asked him what he was flying? To which he replied “my own” and showed me the front of his T shirt and BGD logo. “Oh your the famous Bruce Goldsmith” I said and laughed at not recognizing him before!

We hung out a bit over the next few days of the comp and I of course had to pitch the idea of me adding BGD to

XC Paragliding BC brand products!

And now super stoked to his reply of setting up an authorized dealership of BGD to the area with his distribution team for us!

So look no further than XC Paragliding BC for your next or first BGD!!!  yeah baby!






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