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XC Paragliding can get you on your way to paragliding freedom!  We operate a boutique flying school in the heart of the Miracle Valley where you will be trained by nationally-certified instructors in a small-class-size setting.  Often you will be paired with a personal instructor and have the advantage of 1:1 personalized training!

Unlike some other paragliding schools which are based in the big cities and several hours away from the mountains, our school is next door to our premier flying site at Mt. St. Benedict, so we can take advantage of last-minute weather changes and get YOU more flying time!

With our P2 Novice Course we can get you certified to fly solo in Canada in as little as 2 weeks (weather depending)!  We incorporate a combination of theory followed by simulator time and practical instruction at the training hill and flying site.   Your P2 course includes:

-A minimum of 25 flights

-Ground school

-Simulator training

-Practical training in thermalling and soaring techniques

-Safe launch and landing procedures

-Lessons in aerodynamics, meteorology, and Canadian Air Regulations

-Lessons in safety and risk management such as emergency procedures, pilot psychology, and correct equipment maintenance

-P2 written test

Once you have successfully completed the P2 course you will be welcome to fly solo at many of our beautiful flying sites in Canada with an accompanying membership in the Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada.

Want to learn more?  Contact our instructors here!