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Loving the BGD Cure

Lots of pilots are getting to see the BGD Cure up close and in action and the reviews are all the rage! After Alex and Mark picked theirs up last fall we are seeing quite a few BGD gliders including the Base and Base lite around the lower mainland playgrounds. People are loving the important stuff [...]

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Tick-Tock new SKIN 2 P

The Lite weight paragliding equipment has made a big impact of late... in terms ease of use longevity and comfort! Also the price is coming down from what it was a couple of years back. I can't seem to keep the Supair STRIKE harness in stock and  NIVIUK is out with a new SKIN 2 and [...]

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Spring is Now!

After heading south to Colombia with the Canadian crew for a month, it's time to think about getting our season started. Pilots and students are getting ready for a great 2017 flying season now with some kiting and early Spring flying! Here is Denham Trolip on his new BGD BASE Lite showing his kiting skills on [...]

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