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Charly Helmets ~ XC Style!

Looking for that extra style and cool to set you apart when all those standard wings look the same in the air? These Charly's are all that and high protection ~ more like 2 X's Twice the ratting of a snowboard helmet!   Yeah.... XC Paragliding has em!

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Woody Valley Teams Up with XC Paragliding

We are happy to announce that  XC Paragliding BC has been entrusted with authorized distributor of these outstanding brands ~ Woody Valley top quality harnesses and Charly Helmets! This means that these outstanding quality brands are now readily available when you want them at our great prices  for your next adventure.   Nothing but the best [...]

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Shoutout to SPEED WINGS!

Here at XC Paragliding we have a sweet little lake we've developed for our ACRO and SIV Training. Some other directions for the Speed Wings  are in the mix with the CROSS OVER are possible as we are getting clients who love to do it all! One super cool dude ~ Gelson just picked [...]

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New XC Cure for Mark

The XC keeps happening here at XC Paragliding with another happy owner of Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD Cure! Just as I headed out with a dozen or so anxious pilots eager to bag an October XC flight from Mt. St. Benedict the FedEx van pulls up with another BGD Cure size Medium for Mark T. [...]

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XC with the Club

Andrew G. grabbing the Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD Adam ~ for the first time on the training hill. And judging from his ear to ear smile at the end of the day, I think he's loving his new BGD! He ended up with logging over an hour and a half in 3 flights of Mt. [...]

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