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Another Back Country First from Scott Flavelle!

Scott looks like he decided to take the round-about way home to his place as he carved out a massive curved route in some of the most remote wilderness of our BC Back Country today. Well done Scott!! looking forward to some more info and details! Actually Jim Orava just informed me that Scott started in [...]

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Alex Raymont sets new Canadian XC record!

Alex Raymont and the XC crew where off in Alberta this week trying for the record distance. I had training duties this week so couldn't make the usual trip... but Alex and Peter both flew over 300km with Alex going a new record distance of 340km... Congrats Alex you just raised the bar for the rest [...]

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New Epic’s in Stock!

XC Paragliding BC has the Small, Medium, and ML  Epics in stock now!  They are an all round FUN glider for your XC, Acro or Super Chill flyin! Even the top dog's will be delighted with this beauty as a fun machine...   BGD Epic from BGD Suisse on Vimeo.

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First Impression’s ~ Epic!

Great training weekend with new students ~ Bob, Colin, Gabriel and also some guy's already in the XC Paragliding system like Andrew aka Blackie shown above  unwrapping the BGD Epic and the Training hill in Mission! BTW...these aren't  just colourful sexy in looks and easy to fly!  CHECK THIS: High flights for all next!   See [...]

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Blanchard Beauty

Sometimes the best thing to do when the weather isn't flyable in our area is go south. Not too far south... just a quick border cross at Sumas and in about 50 minutes your at lovely Mount Blanchard near Bellingham WA. Thats what a few of us Canucks did yesterday as it was not looking flyable [...]

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