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XC with the Club

Andrew G. grabbing the Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD Adam ~ for the first time on the training hill.

And judging from his ear to ear smile at the end of the day, I think he’s loving his new BGD!

He ended up with logging over an hour and a half in 3 flights of Mt. St. Benedict as a big day with 18 other

pilots of all skill levels were out to go cross country on a beautiful fall day.

Site view here on VimeoTeaser

XC Paragliding BC / BGD Teaser from Denham's Fluid Ventures on Vimeo.


Great to have Derrick and Martin out and scoring some awesome XC down the Miracle Valley spine to the Fraser Valley landing 1/2 way to Woodside. Meanwhile a gaggle got some large airtime in the Miracle Valley with Denham getting to 1550 meters over at Benny then they headed down range and landed at the school LZ.


We had lots of new and just signed off novice pilots enjoying the sweet air and getting used to the quick launch cycles

as wings were coming up straight and fast. Benny launch is not difficult for those who get out and kite…but some pilots were surprised at the energy in the power zone coming up.

Later in the day at 5:30 pm we had some nice forward launching with Rod F. leading the way for Andrew G. forwards and all great launches by the rest of the gang. Thanks Derick for the coaching help.

Oh yeah… Andrew was still buzzing about his big day at the Mission Springs Brewpub where we raised a pint

to our XC Team Pilot Josh Green heading out to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta for his new welding job with Terry!

Cheers and all the best Josh!



XC Paragliding BC is authorized dealer for Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD, NIVIUK, SUPAIR & only the best for you!


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