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Fraser Valley XC Report

With May winding down and not that many chances to double cross the Fraser Valley this year, it looked like we may have some less windy weather to go XC on May 30th.  Windgrams showed some nice forecasts that had me thinking about attempting a run up to Pemberton… and Vlad and Igor were looking to give it a try too I learned at Woodside launch.

Pictured is Nicole heading across the Fraser River on her new lightweight BGD Lynx.  Photo credits to Alex Raymont.

Morning clouds were still to low in the Miracle Valley so Alex and Nicole decided to head up to Woodside as it was clearing up a bit sooner and I opted to meet them on launch.

Igor and Vlad both launched early trying to head west but unfortunately the still low base grounded them at Erock Lake area.

Nicole suggested It might be good day to rip across the Fraser Valley to Bridle and see if we can catch a climb along the way.

So that’s what Nicole, Alex and Mark did!… With me fixing a broken line on launch, I launched the Flow XCRacer a bit later and climbed to base quickly. Hearing Alex and Nic on radio at Green Hill, I decided to head directly to Bridle Falls and test the glide on the XCRacer.  The Fraser is very wide now and no landing options on sandbars so pilots must plan their routes with that in mind. I found a very nice climb under a cloud at the mid way point that had me arriving at Bridle launch height. Too easy going straight across!  Then with base only at 1600 meters I was able to test the speed bar on the way to Elk.

Elk at almost 1800 meters had me thinking about another direct crossing to Woodside so I went for it! Found another strong climb in the mid-valley that had me climbing fast near the airway ceiling so I jumped back on bar and lined up WS  arriving just below launch height. After climbing out again I did a little west run to Sasin and around Harrison Nob loop and back to Riverside.

Nice day and likely the fastest direct double crossing for me…should have done another lap!!

Also… I’m getting dialed into the XCRacer and I’m loving the speed and getting very comfortable with the handling of this wing! With all the student training I haven’t had the chance to really put the time on it yet!

Alex and Nicole did a longer route to Ludwig braving the no landing due to high river levels and crossed back over from Archibald and Mark crossed over at the Aggasi  bridge and landed back at Harvest.

Later the cloud base lifted over Cheam and Sam A. was able to cruise to the Height of Cheam on his new  BGD Echo and Brian Black was working his XC skills with his first Sammy!

Well done guy’s!




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