Lions Bay to Squamish…Yeah Johnny!

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Lions Bay to Squamish…Yeah Johnny!

John Rowsom nails a new never done before line from Lions bay to Squamish on Tuesday!

A few of the XC Crew have been working out a line from West Vancouver’s Lions Mountains to Squamish…
and the careful planning paid off for John the other day as he worked his way to Squamish after attempting it a couple of days before but coming up a climb short.

Here’s what John had to say about this line and his planning:

I have flown the area around lions bay quite a bit now and sniffed out and learned the house thermals pretty well in the S end of the line. And it definitely took good planning. The glides to little LZ’s and critical altitudes are definitely mandatory on the line, but surprisingly manageable and safe once you break it all down into sections. A huge factor was timing the dissipating inflow in Squamish and knowing that it’s actually going to die down. I didn’t launch till 5 for a reason! When I checked wind at 4pm, it was still blowing around 20kts in squam but I knew it was going to dissapate.

With uncertainty, it would have taken bigger balls. But with confidence, understanding and being one with my local mountains on the right day, it was just a beautiful methodical journey.

Nicey done John!

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