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September XC ~ BGD ~ CURE

This month keeps on giving.  We just flew over 3 hours going down the Miracle Valley range with Rod F. and Mark T.

in reliable smooth lift up to 1250 meters. I  made it to Hatzic Island and back to try to top land however couldn’t

quite get the last 20 meters that late in the day. It was nice just getting some sweet cross country in without the coaching duties


*  *  *  *

On a decent looking forecast for September 25 ~ I summoned up line app folks to head up Benny.

TJ Rasp showed inflow steady but weak thermic conditions and we had a mix of pilots including Team Pilot

Alex Raymont taking his new Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ Cure ~ out for a flight! video click


First flight was Josh Green doing another classic smooth launch showing the way and sussing

landing conditions for Andrew Gordon on his 9th high flight also had a nice reverse launch in the light conditions.

Andrew ended up logging 3 awesome flights and got some thermal practice as well.


Also out was Craig Miller going XC landing at the school LZ,  Rod Frew nice thermic flight ending in Virtue LZ,

Denny got one off after helping Shawn G. on his second flight who launched with a cravat resulting in crash landing below launch. His Access Air bag took the brunt of the impact but he’s off to surgery for a broken ankle at VGH today and doing well.

Josh had 3 great flights and helped out in the LZ .

Great day for most, my regret is I didn’t join Alex for some nice XC down to Dewdney and back!



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