Spring is Now!

After heading south to Colombia with the Canadian crew for a month, it's time to think about getting our season started. Pilots and students are getting ready for a great 2017 flying season now with some kiting and early Spring flying! Here is Denham Trolip on his new BGD BASE Lite showing his kiting skills on [...]

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New XC Cure for Mark

The XC keeps happening here at XC Paragliding with another happy owner of Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD Cure! Just as I headed out with a dozen or so anxious pilots eager to bag an October XC flight from Mt. St. Benedict the FedEx van pulls up with another BGD Cure size Medium for Mark T. [...]

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XC with the Club

Andrew G. grabbing the Bruce Goldsmith Design ~ BGD Adam ~ for the first time on the training hill. And judging from his ear to ear smile at the end of the day, I think he's loving his new BGD! He ended up with logging over an hour and a half in 3 flights of Mt. [...]

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Alex Raymont joins XC Paragliding Team!

Alex Raymont has joined the XC Paragliding Team and will be flying the hot new Cure EN-C paraglider from BGD!   I'm very excited to have Alex with us as Team Pilot and flying one of our wings. As one of the top XC pilots in North America¬†and constantly in the top echelons of the xc [...]

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*BGD* ~ BIG News!!!

This summer I had some very ambitious plans for developing a full XC paragliding experience for us in BC and area! I also wanted to expand our brand to deal and supply the very best paragliding gear on the planet! We already are the only lower mainland and Vancouver area authorized dealer for Niviuk, Supair, and [...]

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Simulation Exercises

One training method I often use for students and myself is visualization simulation. Whether your trying to figure develop a new acro move or simply setting up a new harness or piece of kit, the Woodshed Sim is a perfect tool for getting it sorted in your mind.   Here you see yours truly working out [...]

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Niviuk Icuma now in Plume Version

Check out the great new Icuma now in lightweight version! And great colours as well! We have a size 25 Icuma regular at XC Paragliding BC for Demo now. Fly it for yourself and decide whats right for your style!

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